The Future Of Technology In The Automotive Industry


Car technology has come a long way from being able to make calls, drive and park. The automotive industry has worked a lot when it comes to major technologies which allow it to deliver the most advanced, safest means to be inside a vehicle. As cars become a smart device, you can see that there is an advanced emergency braking capabilities that are coming up with, which can be the reason for efficiency in terms of transportation. Here are some examples which have a groundbreaking technology which you can see in the near future.

More fuel-efficient rides

When it comes to more fuel-efficient ride tesla is one top of their game with their release of electric and hybrid vehicles which can last you a hundred miles with just a single charge. In just the recent years, more than 2 million cars were sold, and the figures are not ready to slow down. In the near future, you can expect to see a lot of implementation of electric vehicles with technology when it folds. The VW and also General motors have brought in a fleet for electric cars which can get you through the years. Also, electric cars are much more affordable which can get the companies such as Hyundai, Kia and Toyota bring in hybrid cars that too at $30,000 mark which can be right when it comes to fuel efficiency that might be adopted widely.

Predictive vehicle technology


Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have a very important role to play in the future, which is very predictive when it comes to capabilities allowing it to become more prevalent in cars. As these cars make sure that you can personalise your driving experience allowing for the manufacturers to apply certain algorithms making your data automated. This involves things like the car’s infotainment system and its application preferences, which is becoming IoT devices allowing you to connect to your smartphone and take voice commands. These predictive technology is being used as a form of sensors which can get the information of the owner and can be better when you take it for service to the mechanic.

Self Driving Technologies

There are many autonomous technologies which can have made many companies which will allow certain testing and also self-driving functionality that too at open roads. There are already many cars out there which are semi-automated and can easily perform a lot of assisted technologies which can include the automatic braking sensors, motorways lane sensors, mapping technologies which can work from the back of the car, the adaptive cruise control and self-parking capabilities can make sure that you can experience a smooth ride.

The Future Of Technology In The Automotive Industry
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